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Windows 8 program that customizes frequently used parts of the user interface

Windows 8 program that customizes frequently used parts of the user interface

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Start Menu Modifier solves the problem many Windows 8 users face – the lack of customization options. While the tile-centric user-interface featured in Windows 8 operating systems is a major feat in interactive design, its utility falls upon confused and unhappy users. If you find yourself staring at the screen in disdain, enhance your visual experience by downloading and fiddling with the various features found in Start Menu Modifier.

Simplify Windows 8 User Experience

While the design of Windows 8 is visually appealing, many users found the enjoyment quickly decreased as they begun navigating the OS. This new design is unlike any other Windows operating system. Its renovation left many in the dark as finding simple applications and downloaded files was lost in its image-heavy navigation.

Get rid of confusion and simplify the learning curve of Windows 8 by altering the menu screen aspect ratio. Instead of having to navigate the mouse, or finger for touch-screen computers, to select “hot spots,” the entire screen is shrunk to incorporate all elements onto a single screen. Thus, finding applications, programs, saved files and navigating to the desktop menu takes place on the same screen. Users of Start Menu Modifier enjoy this more simplistic design as it eliminates confusion by either not finding the desired “hot spot” or accidentally activating a program or menu screen.

This lightweight and easily accessible program is unique among its peers as it doesn't require installation. After the initial download, click the program icon and it begins working. There are no actual changes made to your operating system or program files. Those who rely heavily on their computer and its functionality will appreciate this feature.

Although there are minor drawbacks worth mentioning. Since the program doesn't require installation beyond the initial download, users have reports a .NET Framework Error upon activating the program. While ignoring this error dialogue box doesn't seem to alter its performance, reviews suggest its functionality feels slightly impaired. Future updates will likely correct this problem.

With its simplicity and function, its inability to save settings and customizations after its shut down is an annoyance for some. Yet, its seamless design and quick-setting selection offset this design flaw. All-in-all, Start Menu Modifier is the ideal application for those looking to streamline the learning curve associated with Windows 8.


  • Simple, user-friendly design and interface
  • streamlined navigating Windows 8
  • Lightweight and simple installation


  • .NET Framework error upon activating
  • Unable to save personalized settings